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Mites are pretty dangerous for chickens. They may even kill them. Plus, these tiny arachnids attack younger and adult flocks during the summer and rainy seasons.

They can cause lameness, anemia, and other diseases. Birds feel weaker as mites continuously suck blood and create stressful conditions. 

So, how to control mites in the chicken coop? Knowing the right approach is crucial to saving your chickens and avoiding financial loss.

Here, we will walk you through some practical methods to eliminate these external parasites from your flock house. Don’t miss out on this article if you care about your chicken!

How to Know If Mites Attacked Your Chickens?

Mites leave various signs to figure out whether they attacked your flocks. Here are some common symptoms:

  1. A lack of appetite
  2. Lower egg production
  3. Losing feathers in several spots
  4. Sore eyes
  5. Lack of activities
  6. Losing weight continuously
  7. Redness or streaks of blood on feathers
  8. Pecking or pulling at the feathers
How to Know If Mites Attacked Your Chickens

How to Control Mites in Chicken Coop Naturally?

Doesn’t it look more practical to control and kill mites naturally instead of using chemical-based products?

Here are some practical ways to control mites in chicken coops naturally.

01. Dust Baths

How often do you give dust baths to your flocks? Experts recommended giving a dust bath every other day. But it can be once every four days.

They usually need it to clean their feathers and avoid developing oil skin. More importantly, it makes their skin healthy and removes dead skin cells.

It works as a natural chicken mite treatment to keep flocks protected. Chickens smell fresh after performing dust baths.

Regular dust baths will prevent mites and other bugs from coming.

These bloodsuckers can’t stay inside your flocks longer when chickens roll and flap around the dirt.

Keep sand or dry loose soil near the chicken coop. Fine sand mixed also works great. It will be great if you can add some dry dirt.

02. Feed Your Flocks Garlic

Do you know insects and red mites are not a fan of garlic odor? It is a perfect tricky approach to get off mites.

But why these tiny arachnids don’t like the garlic scent? It has a sulfur content that works effectively as a pest repellant.

So, how to use garlic to deter chicken mites? You have two options: feed garlic to your flocks or create garlic juice and spray it inside the chicken coop.

Making DIY garlic juice might not be highly effective. The scent will not last too long. So, you need to spray the solution repeatedly.

The best approach is feeding garlic to your chickens. Your birds will smell the garlic scent on their skin. Additionally, it will deter mites from coming too close to chickens.

However, one fresh garlic dosage is enough every seven to ten days. Avoid over-feeding them. If your chickens don’t like garlic, spray the solution around their coop.

03. Herbal Essentials Oils

Eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, and clove essential oils effectively repel mites.

You can apply the oils directly on various body parts of the chickens. But make sure it doesn’t touch their sensitive areas

Alternatively, create a mixture by adding twenty drops of essential oil and 120 milliliters of witch hazel.

Spray the solution around the chicken coop, including the walls, ceiling, windows, doors, and nesting boxes. 

Do you grow any chicken-friendly herbs? Don’t mind adding a few leaves of oregano, thyme, parsley, basil, mint, or other herbs to deter the movements of dust and red mites.

04. Neem Oil

It is always better to use natural solutions to avoid harming your chickens.

Neem oil is one of the safest options to kill Scaly Leg and spider mites. It works as a contact insecticide to destroy these bloodsuckers.

How long does it take for neem oil to kill mites? The duration can be 3 to 15 days depending on the number of Small arachnids and the intensity of the solution.

Apply neem oil in all the vulnerable areas in a large amount. It will kill mites, whiteflies, and various other insects. 

But, if your flocks have any diseases, contact their veterinarian before using them.

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05. Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly

Will you believe if we say Vaseline or petroleum jelly can control mites? Yes, you heard us right!

So, how does Vaseline destroy these bloodsuckers? It causes suffocation to mites and kills them within a few hours.

But, the product alone can’t kill mites because it has no active ingredients.

Add 5% to 10% Sulfur with Vaseline or petroleum jelly and mix it properly.

Then apply the solution to your chickens’ vulnerable areas to protect them.

When mites try to bite flocks, these Small arachnids will suffocate and die within a short period. Make sure to apply the solution twice or thrice a week for effective results.

How to Kill Mites Using Commercial Products?

A lot of products are available in the market.

They can kill mites. But their toxin ingredients may harm chickens. Choosing safe and reliable options is crucial to protect your flocks.

Here are the top three effective products to kill mites within a short period. 

How to control mites in the chicken coop

01. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Killing various bugs, including mites, is relatively easier with Diatomaceous Earth (DE).

But how does this naturally occurring, delicate, siliceous sedimentary rock destroy mites?

Tiny arachnids have an exoskeleton. DE attacks the waxy shell of mites and kills them.

Worry about harming your flocks? You can apply this solution to the coop floor, wall, and chicken body.

However, make sure it doesn’t affect their eyes, nose, and mouth. Otherwise, it may result in respiratory issues.

How long does it take diatomaceous earth to kill mites? It may take around two to four weeks, depending on the number of mites. Sometimes, the durability might be longer. 

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02. Elector PSP

Are you looking for a commercial-based solution? Elector PSP appears to be the right choice.

Many veterinarians recommend using this solution as it is entirely safe to use.

The practical solution utilizes its adulticide and larvicide to kill mites.

Its toxic dose precisely works because it does not repel External parasites.

Make sure to mix the product appropriately before applying it. Follow the label instructions to use it correctly.            

How long does it take for Elector PSP to kill mites? If you use the solution correctly, the product can kill mites within 24 hours.

However, it may take a little longer as the life cycle of mites is around one week.

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03. Disinfecting Products

Various types of disinfecting products are available to use for chicken coops.

Poultry Shield is one of the best choices to clean and disinfect flocks’ houses. The product is entirely safe and doesn’t cause any harmful side effects.

Many chicken keepers and poultry owners gave positive feedback regarding how effectively it gets rid of red mites.

Mix one portion of the solution and five portions of water thoroughly before applying it using a chicken coop.

The safe liquid concentrate contains 99% pure elemental sulfur, an effective ingredient to kill insects, mites, fungi, and other harmful bugs.

The product might not be available in all states. Check out different online platforms regarding solution availability. 

How to Prevent Mites from Coming to Chicken Coops?

We all know that “Prevention is better than cure.” The same goes for chickens too.

But how many of us follow it? Instead of treating your flocks, prevent mites from visiting the birdhouse.

The following are the effective ways to disallow mites from attacking your chickens.

01. Deeply Clean the Entire Chicken Coop

Apart from daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning, deep cleaning twice a year is vital for a chicken coop.

Flock houses are relatively minor. You can’t clear all hard-to-reach areas. Who knows, mites have developed a zone inside the chicken coop.

Remember, dirt is not the enemy of chickens. It is also a friend of mites.

Make sure to use an effective disinfectant product like Poultry Shield for better cleaning.

If you can’t access all areas of the chicken coop, disassemble them. Otherwise, some zones might be left untreated.

Don’t forget the dry the entire flock house appropriately before letting birds enter the coop.

02. Burning the Bedding Materials

Dirty bedding materials attract mites. Sometimes, you can’t get rid of them even after cleaning the coop bedding regularly.

The best option is burning the entire bedding materials after keeping chickens in a safe place.

Take out all bedding materials from the chicken coop and nesting foxes carefully and set fire to them.

Dispose of the remaining in a dustbin after burning correctly. If the bedding material is wood shavings, you can use the ash to allow for dust bathing.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know how to control mites in the chicken coop, right? Flocks are vulnerable to attack by various tiny, small, and medium-sized predators.

Keeping them safe is your responsibility as a conscious chicken keeper. Make sure to do a health check at least once a month to determine whether your flocks are having any problems.

Regularly track your chickens’ movements. If you notice any abnormality, take it seriously and contact their veterinarian and tell him everything.

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