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Do you know flocks need 38 different nutrients daily to stay physically strong? When it comes to choosing a supplement for chicken, it should be healthy and balanced.

Chooks usually need vitamin and mineral supplements to maintain optimal health conditions. It is vital when regular feed can’t fulfill essential nutrition requirements.

But cautiously choosing a supplement for flocks is necessary to avoid any option that has any harmful components. Otherwise, it will affect your birds’ health in the long run.

Our experts have done extensive research to find some top-quality supplements. If you want to really improve the health and well-being of your chickens, don’t miss out on this post!

6 Best Supplements For Chickens

Have you bought any chicken supplements earlier? Did it work as you expected?

If not, you might be looking for a better option. The following are some top-quality supplements for flocks.

01. Healthy Coat Kickin Chicken Feed Supplement

Healthy Coat Kickin Chicken Feed Supplement

When chooks molt to shed their damaged or loose feathers and get quality feathers, it often causes stress in their body. During this period, they need additional supplements to support their health. This high-quality feed can decrease this stress significantly.

It contains all-natural omega-3 to improve their egg production performance and enrich their eggs. Consumers will get more heart-healthy eggs. Besides, omega-3 can decrease the negative effect of oxidative stress on their cells, protein bodies, and DNA.

This Healthy Coat supplement also has omega-6 fatty acids to decrease cholesterol. Their egg yolk and blood will have a lower amount of lipid content. Omega-6 fatty acids will also minimize the probability of heart disease and stroke.

The overall weight of chickens will increase. Their carcass, viscera and FCR will improve too. You also enjoy better quality and tasty meat from chooks. Flocks will have a better reproductive system and immune system. The overall growth and performance of flocks increase too.

✅ Helps to develop full and good and colorful plumage for better reproduction🔻 Lack of information on how to use it
✅ Contains raw vitamin E to contribute to better meat quality and immune response
✅ Doesn’t utilize any heat processing to sustain essential vitamins and minerals
✅ Equipped with biotin and lecithin to improve thriftiness and the digestibility of dietary fats
✅ Infused with Vitamin B12 to immune functions and prevent skeletal diseases

02. Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell

Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell

Are you looking for a special calcium supplement for your laying hens? If so, you can’t overlook this option. It contains pullet-sized squashed oyster shells to provide enough calcium in your chickens’ bodies and improve their ability to lay high-quality eggs with rigid eggshells.

Besides, the supplement is infused with coral calcium to prevent low calcium levels. It will minimize the risk of weak bones and bone loss. Chickens will have better bone health with higher bone density. Serve this high-quality food to chooks who don’t get enough calcium from their regular feed.

Manna Pro has utilized an effective decontamination method called the heat-treated approach. This makes the supplement free from dangerous contaminants, bacteria, and pathogens. The main objective of this procedure is to create pure and clean crushed oyster shells.

Chickens under 5 weeks of age may not consume the oyster shells comfortably. You can crush them a bit to let them eat quickly. Older hens may have a calcium deficiency. Feeding this special food can help them to continue their egg production.  

✅ Contains oyster shells to provide enough calcium in the chickens’ body🔻 Need to crush the oyster shells to feed smaller chickens
✅ Improves chickens’ ability to lay high-quality eggs with rigid eggshells🔻 Some chickens may not like it
✅ Prevents low calcium levels and minimizes the risk of weak bones and bone loss
✅ Fills up the calcium deficiency in too young and older chooks and helps continue egg production
✅ Made from a heat-treated method to avoid contaminants, bacteria, and pathogens

03. Rooster Booster Poultry Cell

Rooster Booster Poultry Cell

Do you need a blend of liquid supplements to treat your chicken’s weakness and improve its overall health? This option appears to be a perfect choice. The supplement contains 400 mg of iron. It is essential to maintain egg production and improve the feed conversion ratio.

Moreover, it contains 110 mg of zinc to stimulate their immunity and support better skeletal formation. The supplement is also infused with 26000 I.U. of vitamin A, 3500 I.U. of vitamin D-3, and 50 I.U. of vitamin E. These vitamins can make their gut microflora more stable.

What’s more, this special liquid food contains 0.27% aspartic acid to regulate hormones and create more proteins in the body. Also, it is equipped with 0.56% glutamic acid to support the body’s immune and digestive systems and help them maintain optimal body weight.

Rooster Booster Poultry Cell is also infused with ferric ammonium citrate to help chickens smoothly transport oxygen throughout their body and produce hemoglobin & new red blood cells. It also contains ferrous sulfate to maintain normal iron levels in the body.

✅ Equipped with Riboflavin to decrease inflammation of nerves and oxidative stress🔻 Some complained the lid of the container has a leakage issue
✅ Contains Niacinamide to prevent skin-related and kidney-related diseases🔻 Contains artificial flavor to increase the taste
✅ Formed with folic acid to prevent changes to DNA and build healthy cells
✅ Includes pyridoxine to let the brain and nervous system of chooks function properly
✅ Infused with various types of essential vitamins to contribute to healthy muscles

04. FRESH EGGS DAILY Coop Kelp Feed Supplement

FRESH EGGS DAILY Coop Kelp Feed Supplement

When it comes to choosing a reliable supplement, very few stand out. This option has impressed many chicken keepers. It contains magnesium to improve chickens’ feed intake and body weight. This special mineral can improve their meat quality and protect their liver from oxidation.

The chicken supplement is also infused with iodine to better regulate their nerves’ and muscles’ functionality. Your chooks will also develop healthy skin, beaks, spurs, and feathers. It also contains vitamin K to support them in improved bone structure during their teenage period.

Vitamin K reduces the risk of blood spots in eggs and plays a crucial role in clotting mechanisms. This particular feed intake is also equipped with folate to increase the folate content in their egg yolk. It also helps chickens’ bodies to break down the unwanted homocysteine in their blood easily.

The chicken supplement also has zinc for properly developing feathers and bones. Their enzyme structure and function will improve too. One noticeable ingredient of this supplement is Organic sea kelp. It can help chooks deal with heat stress effectively.

✅ Contains magnesium to improve chickens’ feed intake and body weight🔻 Some complained about bad packing quality
✅ Equipped with magnesium to improve chickens’ feed intake and body weight🔻 Some chooks may not like the flavor
✅ Includes vitamin K to support them for improved bone structure during their teenage period
✅ Formed with folate to increase the folate content in their egg yolk
✅ Made with Organic sea kelp to effectively deal with heat stress

05. Equa Holistics Dietary Supplement

Equa Holistics Dietary Supplement

Are you searching for a special supplement to improve chickens’ digestive systems? If so, you can’t be wrong in choosing this option. It contains probiotic bacteria to improve the growth and laying performance of hens. Plus, probiotics add beneficial bacteria to their digestive tract.

This special chicken food contains 9 species of probiotic organisms to increase digestive enzyme activity and protect the immune system from harmful bacteria. It also has probiotic inulin to control the presence of proteins, enzymes, lipids, hormones, etc.

Besides, the dietary supplement is infused with corn maltodextrin to improve its flavor. Flocks will have a higher propionic acid concentration in their cecum due to Propionibacterium freudenreichi. It will add beneficial gut microbiota to promote innate and adaptive immunity.

Wondering how much to serve? The product has 30 servings. A single serving is enough for 30 chicks, 20 teenage chickens, or 10 adult flocks. Hence, it is made from non-GMO ingredients to ensure no toxic substances or harm to chickens’ bodies.

✅ Made of human-grade ingredients to ensure higher energy levels and healthier bowel movements🔻 A little bit more costly than some other chicken supplements
✅ Equipped with 9 species of probiotic organisms to improve the digestive system🔻 Some chickens may not prefer to consume it
✅ Infused with corn maltondextrin to enhance the overall taste and flavor
✅ Comes with 30 servings to serve 30 chicks for the entire month
✅ Infused with corn maltodextrin to enhance the overall taste and flavor

06. Fresh Eggs Daily Brewer’s Yeast

Fresh Eggs Daily Brewer's Yeast

Chickens who have vitamin B and protein deficiencies will be definitely benefited from this option. It is equipped with chromium to improve its weight gain and feed conversion ratio. Chooks will also develop an antioxidant defense system to fight against harmful bacteria.

Do some of your flocks have diarrhea issues? This special supplement can multiply enzymes in your birds’ stomach and control loose stools. It can also improve Chook’s ability to fight against contagious diseases, such as the flu. Their energy level will increase instantly.

Does the manure of your chicks too stinky? This supplement is also infused with garlic powder to neutralize the odor of their droppings. However, you won’t have to worry about getting less flavored eggs. In fact, people shared they taste better when hens consume garlic powder.

Are you raising chickens for especially getting better-quality eggs? This special food contains Niacin to improve egg production and quality. It also helps birds to maintain normal body function. Chickens will also develop a healthy nervous system and negotiate fine movements.

✅ Equipped with chromium to improve their weight gain and feed conversion ratio🔻 The smell may appear a bit strong to some chickens
✅ Improves chooks ability to fight against contagious diseases🔻 A high amount of Niacin could be better
✅ Increased enzymes in chickens’ stomachs for a healthy digestive system
✅ Contains Niacin to enhance egg production and quality
✅ Infused with garlic powder to neutralize the odor of their droppings

How To Choose A Supplement For Chickens?

Will you randomly select a chicken supplement that will merely benefit your chooks?

It takes a proper plan and requires considering some crucial aspects when it comes to choosing the best supplement for chickens.

The followings are the essential factors you should not overlook when searching for a reliable chook supplement.

Best Supplements For Chicken

01. What Is The Form Of The Supplement?

Chicken supplements come in three versions: pallets, powder, and liquid. You can mix pallets with regular chicken feed. But there is no 100% guarantee all chooks will like it.

Powder-type supplements are easy to consume. You can spread them on top of the chook feed or mix them with their drinking water. However, some may not get thoroughly mixed in water.

Liquid-based supplements are pretty easy to feed. Their concentration is highly powerful. Hence, birds will only need a small amount. But they are a bit more costly than other options.

02. What Type Of Supplement Your Chickens Need?

Not all chickens need the same supplements. Before choosing a particular option, you must consider what type of problems your chickens are facing.

For example, if your hens are laying eggs with softer eggshells, they need calcium supplements.

When you want better egg production, select an option that has higher levels of Omega- 3 & 6 fatty acids.

Likewise, chickens facing digestive issues need a special supplement with various beneficial probiotic bacteria.

You can take your chooks to a certified veterinarian to determine the best supplement they need.

03. What Is The Nutritional Value Of The Supplement?

Are the regular foods of chickens fulfilling the daily nutritional requirements of chickens?

If not, you want to select a perfect option containing a good amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The supplement should be adequately balanced to improve their meat and egg production.

It should also put a noticeable contribution to their bone and feather development.

Balanced nutrition also helps chickens develop a strong immunity to fight infections.

04. What Ingredients Does The Supplements Have?

A chicken supplement should have all the essential ingredients in the correct quantity.

Apparently, it should be free from any harmful or toxic substances. Otherwise, chickens may become sick from eating such supplements in the long run.

Some options may have artificial colors and flavors. Chooks may fail to digest them and become sick.

Also, you want to select supplements that are made from non-GMO-based and human-grade ingredients.

Plus, the manufacturers should adhere to quality standards and regulations in making the product. It will ensure optimal health safety.

05. How Old Are Your Chickens?

The supplement requirements of chickens will vary based on their age.

What type of chickens do you raise? Are they chicks, young chickens, laying hens, or older chickens?

For example, chicks will need a supplement that contains a higher level of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It will support them for optimal growth and development.

But when it comes to choosing a supplement for laying hens, you want to focus more on calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients.

 It will improve their egg production and support eggshell formation.

However, older chooks don’t have a higher protein level, which may damage their kidney and liver.

Instead, they need a special supplement to support joint health and immune function.

06. Will Your Chooks Like The Supplement?

Not all chickens have the same preference. Some may eat more than the required amount, and others may consume less.

Don’t buy a massive supplement for your chickens initially. You first have to know whether your feathered friends enjoy it.

If some are not eating it at all, you may want to try a new option. Before selecting a new option, you want to consider their taste preference.

07. How Much Are You Ready To Invest?

The price of chicken supplements will vary based on the brand, type, quantity, and quality.

Not all chicken owners have the same budget. If you are raising 20-30 chickens, supplements will add a significant amount of monthly cost.

Before selecting a particular option, compare all the options that provide the best value within your budget range.

Do Chickens Need Supplements?

It generally depends on the daily eating habits of your chickens. If they are getting all types of nutrition from their regular feed, you don’t need to serve additional supplements.

In the long run, serving extra nutrition will cause excessive weight gain and lead to various health problems.

Chooks that eat regular high-quality feed and enjoy various treats from gardens or backyards don’t need additional supplements.

But when your flocks don’t get enough nutrition from their regular food or don’t eat enough, providing them with supplements is necessary.

Otherwise, they will face mineral and vitamin deficiency. It will affect their growth and slow their meat and egg production.

When To Start Feeding Supplements To Chickens? 

Chickens can begin eating supplements when they become 2 weeks old. But some may need to start a bit late, like three to four weeks.

It generally depends on their daily feed intake. Chicks won’t need feed supplements until they are two weeks old because their body will absorb nutrition from the egg yolk.

It is best to take the recommendation of an experienced veterinarian to figure out when is the best time to start feeding supplements to chickens.

How Much Supplements Do Chickens Need?

Chooks usually need 10% to 15% of supplements of their normal daily feed intake.

However, the ideal amount will vary from product to product. Generally, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to learn how much to feed.

The feeding quantity will vary from one type to another. Compared to pallet-based or powder-based supplements, chickens need a lower amount of liquid supplement.    

Besides, if your chickens have any particular deficiency, they may need a higher amount initially to recover their body from deficiency.

However, be cautious and avoid feeding too many supplements. Otherwise, it will harm their body and cause various types of illness from long-term consumption.

How To Feed Supplements To Chickens?

It usually depends on what form of supplements you are going to feed them. If it is a pallet-based supplement, you can serve it in a separate container and let them freely enjoy it.

Also, adding a small quantity with the regular feed can be okay if the manufacturer recommends doing so.

Powder-based supplements are generally sprinkled on top of the chicken feed. Alternatively, you can mix them with water. But if it is too thick, chickens may not like to eat them.

Liquid-based supplements are usually added to regular water in a small proportion. You should still keep fresh water in another waterer or container to let them drink water.

How To Store Chicken Supplements?

Store chicken supplements in a cool and dry place is a good rule of thumb. Moisture and vermin should not get inside the container.

The temperature should be between 50 to 77°F (10 to 25°C).

If it doesn’t come with any container, you can keep it in an airtight container to sustain its shelf life.

Clearly mark the expiration date. You should not feed the supplement anymore if the product has expired. Otherwise, it will harm chickens.

Bonus Tips For Choosing Chicken Supplements

  1. Determine the ideal nutritional requirements for your chickens and select a supplement based on it.
  2. If your chickens have any physical problems, consult with a veterinarian before choosing any supplement.
  3. Make sure to read the product label carefully if they contain any harmful ingredients. Always try to choose a natural-based option.
  4. Feed the right amount of dosage based on the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Provide enough amounts of fresh water and regular feed along with the supplement.
  6. Monitor your chickens’ activities and whether they eat the supplement and have any improvements.

Wrapping UP

A lot of supplements are available in the market. But do all of them deserve to be on your final list? We have carefully chosen some top-quality options from repudiated brands.

More importantly, our experts prioritize picking healthy and safer products with higher nutritional values. Your feathered friends will be benefitted in the long run.

Hopefully, the above guideline helped you choose a perfect supplement for chicken to improve their health as well as meat and egg production.