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Are you looking for the best chicken coop for 5-6 chickens? A flock needs around 3 to 5 square feet of space to live healthily, safely, and cheerfully. For 5-6 birds, you will need a good home with 20 to 35 square feet of space, depending on their size, nature, and lifestyle.

But, choosing quality nesting is a must to protect them from dangerous predators. More importantly, it needs to be spacious to ensure free movement and prevent the quick spread of illness.

If you have not bought any chicken coop in the past, it is common to feel confused. This article will guide you to select a chicken-friendly house with a bonus buying guide.

Our Selection Process to Choose the Best Chicken Coop for 5-6 Chickens

We have determined the best chicken coop by its durability, space, materials, weather protection, security system, versatile design, top brand, number of doors, and ease of assembly.

Though we didn’t personally use the coops, we considered verified customer reviews and different forums and social platforms to choose the right products. High-quality chicken coops are pretty functional, as they include both nesting boxes as well as spacious cage areas.

We mainly selected flock houses that accommodate up to 5-6 chickens. They are easy to clean and maintain. Our recommended list includes a portable bird nest to move wherever you prefer immediately. These options have several access points and top-grade locks.

best chicken coop for 5-6 chickens

Our Best Small Chicken Coop Picks

Best chicken coops for 5-6 chickens are made from top-quality wood and durable cages. They must protect your flocks from predators and unfavorable weather conditions.

There are many functionalities and features to make the living of your chickens comfortable and risk-free. The below-mentioned flock nests have a solid construction and are highly functional to help you grow your new friends better with a great atmosphere.    

1. Best Choice Products, Fir Wood Chicken Coop for 3-5 Hens

The first on our list is the portable chicken coop by Best Choice Products. With rooms for 3-5 chickens, this coop is a mobile pet shelter. The coop comes with a durable wheel and a built-in handle. It allows you to move your coop freely in a different spot. You will never be stuck in a place; you can move your coop to a new place according to different conditions.

Best Choice Products, Fir Wood Chicken Coop for 3-5 Hens

The coop is made of durable materials like alloy steel, plastic, and fir wood to ensure longevity. A fantastic feature like a plastic diffuser panel deters heat absorption. Thus, your chickens never get overheated due to exposure to direct sunlight. Galvanized wire and natural fir wood will keep your bird safe the outside predators. Also, the large capacity of the nest boxes ensures your chicken’s egg safety.

It offers you two doors for quick access and a sliding tray to keep your coop neat and clean. It doesn’t come with nesting pads. Nesting pads provide more comfort to your chicks and chickens. But, purchasing extra nesting pads will cost you extra money. The overall dimension of this coop is 70.87″(L) x 25.98″(W) x 39.37″(H). If you need a chicken coop for 5 hens, this is the ideal one for you.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Best choice products
  • Item weight: 63.8 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 70.87 x 25.98 x 39.37 inches
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Materials: Alloy steel, Plastic, Fir wood
  • Color: Brown
  • Number of doors: 2
βœ… Convenient handle and wheel for moving freelyπŸ”» Ramp attachment problem
βœ… UV-resistant rooftop for discouraging the heatπŸ”» Lack of run space
βœ… Galvanized wire to ensure long-lasting serviceπŸ”» Assembly problem
βœ… All-weather roof panel

2. GUTINNEEN, Poultry Cage with Nest Box for 4-6 Hens

Gutinneen manufactures the 103-inch large wooden chicken coop. It’s a well-known brand for its quality product. The coop comes with a spacious living space. It also has ramp access to the run and living area for the chickens. With an asphalt rooftop, your poultry, chicken, or rabbit stays away from direct sunlight and also remains dry from the raindrops.

GUTINNEEN, Poultry Cage with Nest Box for 4-6 Hens

The coop is built with metal, providing more safety for the chickens. A predator can’t access easily because of the multiple lock system on different access points. Moreover, metal is more durable than the typical wood frame chicken coops.

With removable sliding trays, cleaning becomes more efficient. Gutinneen provides you with innovative design and style with a user-friendly assembly. In addition, it has eight doors that allow you to reach every possible position of the coop. So, it is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its easy-open roof facility helps you with more ventilation. As a result, your chickens remain safe and healthy. But it is pretty expensive than other coops on the market for 5 to 6 chickens. But, still, this is the best chicken coop for 6 chickens.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: GUTINNEEN
  • Item weight: 97 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 103″L x 67″W x 28″H
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Materials: Metal, wood
  • Color: Grey + camel
  • Number of doors: 8
βœ… Spacious living spaceπŸ”» Heavyweight
βœ… Water-resistant roofπŸ”» Bad after-sell service
βœ… Two removable sliding traysπŸ”» Usage of cheap wood
βœ… Eight access point to help you to reach every corner of the coop
βœ… Innovative style and design

3. Best Choice Products, Wooden Multi-level Chicken Coop

Another Chicken House by Best Choice Products. It has a comfortable living space, it comes with three access points and two doors. The coop gives you enough space for 3-5 chickens. As it is a multi-level hen house, it has ramp access to the second level. In addition, ramp access to the run ensures 3 to 5 chickens’ hold-up capability.

Best Choice Products, Wooden Multi-level Chicken Coop

100% natural fir wood and galvanized wire walls protect your chickens from predators like snakes, dogs, cats, and foxes. But keep in mind, it is not adequate as predator-proof. It is barely predator-resistant. Using fir wood keeps your chicken coop durable for many years and resistant to all weather conditions. Also, the removable bottom tray helps you with cleaning a lot.

With a 44lbs slide-out tray capacity and 20lbs nesting box weight capacity, it ensures you a great service at an affordable price point.

The chicken coop’s overall dimensions are 79.5”(L) x 26.5”(W) x 51.5”(H). Additionally, the coop requires assembly. Though the assembly is pretty easy, some adjustments are needed for the perfect fitting.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Best Choice Products
  • Item weight: 36 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 79.5″L x 26.5″W x 51.5″H
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Materials:  Metal wood
  • Color: Brown
  • Number of doors: 2
βœ… Comfortable living space for 3-5 chickensπŸ”» Poor weatherproofing system
βœ… Sturdy construction for rough conditionsπŸ”» Tiny screws are not suitable enough to hold the weight of the door
βœ… Easy to installπŸ”» Barely predator resistant
βœ… Easy maintenance
βœ… Light weight than other fancy coops

4. ECOLINEAR, Chicken Coop with Chicken Run Cage

This particular chicken coop belongs to the brand Ecolinear. Though the target species is a rabbit, it works well for chickens, ducks, and other poultry birds. This coop is a versatile one. For well-quality air circulation, it has built-in windows. Solid fir wood construction gives you more durability. To prevent water penetration, Ecolinear offers you a green asphalt sloping roof.

ECOLINEAR, Chicken Coop with Chicken Run Cage

With a 40-inch run cage, your chicken can have a larger area to live with great comfort. The actual size of the run cage is  41″L x 22″W x 27.2″H. Moreover, the 80-inch chicken coop is well-built to provide safety from outdoor predators. It also ensures your chicken has excellent shelter in harsh weather conditions. The multicolor option allows you to match your chicken coop in agreement with your backyard design.

The number of doors is a vital thing to consider. It comes with five doors and two access points. The first access point takes your chicken to the 2nd floor, and the second one leads to the ground floor. The coop can easily hold up to 2-6 chickens. As the brand gives you more options, the customer can determine whatever size they need according to their flock size. In addition, water and food refilling are more accessible because of the hinged doors. Nesting box size is pretty important regarding breeding and egg collection. The nesting box size is 14.6″ in length, 22.1″ in width, and 14.6″ in height. Therefore, it is a pretty adequate chicken coop for 5-6 chickens.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ECOLINEAR
  • Item weight: 69 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 120″L x 26″W x 44.5″H
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Materials:  Wood
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Number of doors: 5
βœ… An additional 40” run cage provides your chicken with improved living quality.πŸ”» Critical assembly
βœ… Versatile for different pets like rabbits, chickens, birds, and poultryπŸ”» Screw holes alignment problems
βœ… Sturdy metal wire fencing for ventilation and safety
βœ… Comes in various sizes
βœ… Metal clean-out tray

Chicken Coops for 5-6 Chickens– Buyer’s Guide

You can’t overlook some crucial aspects when choosing the best chicken coops for 5-6 chickens. Aim to create the most comfortable, healthy, and safe environment for your beautiful flocks.

Choosing the wrong chicken coop will not make your hens and roosts happy, even if you spend a lot of money. The following are the top crucial factors you don’t want to ignore.

Consider these Before Getting Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Size

The first important aspect is choosing the right-sized coop. Chickens usually need around 3-5 square feet of space for each chicken.

But, it will vary depending on the breed. Usually, larger species need more space. For example, Plymouth Rock prefers at least 4 square feet of space.

Leghorn is a medium breed. 3 square feet of space appears perfect for them.

However, don’t think “Larger is always better.” Suppose cold winters last in your location for a long time. Your chickens will struggle to generate heat due to too much space.

High-quality Woods

Softwoods are a top choice for chicken coops. Fir, hemlock, and pine are a few preferred options.

Flocks are prone to pecking. Treated timbers contain chemicals that can be hazardous for these birds.

That’s why softwood is a better option, as it is free from toxic ingredients. Plus, its price is lower than hardwoods.

However, choosing the right paint and stain is vital to ensure optimal safety for your friends.

Single or Multi-levels

Chicken flocks come in single and multi-levels. The multi-level design creates a spacious environment to allow birds to wander freely.

A free-range environment makes hens and roosts more cheerful. More importantly, they get enough sunlight and ventilation.

Plus, chickens can eat natural foods like bugs, insects, flies, ticks, grasshoppers, and various larvae. They are a great source of nutrition to improve their overall health and natural behaviors.

Fencing Material

Chickens’ fences are made of stainless/ alloy steel, chicken wire, metal wire, etc.

If your living location has many predators like owls, hawks, etc., the cage needs to be strong enough and predator-proof.

Galvanized wire mesh is one of the best choices to provide optimal safety for an enclosed run.

 They are prone to the buildup of rust. You can even bend and cut them depending on your customizing preference.


Creating an optimal ventilated environment is vital for flocks to get off the excess from the coop.

If your birds spend more periods inside the coop, they need more ventilation.

Usually, you want to keep one sqft of ventilation of ten sqft of house floor space during the summer season.

For each chicken, one sqft of ventilation is enough.

But, the windows should not be below their roosting point during winter. Otherwise, excessive cold air will enter the home and make them sick.


If the winter season lasts in your living location for several months, proper insulation is necessary for chickens.

The coop walls must be well-insulated to maintain a decent climate inside the flock home.

There should not be any gap between the coop walls. You can use Styrofoam sheets to block the openings.

Optimal insulation reduces the transformation of heat from inside to outside as well as outside to inside.

It helps you to create a comfortable environment. Your flocks will live in a cheerful and healthy environment in the winter and summer seasons.

Cleaning System

Coops for 5-6 chickens are not large enough to keep the owner inside the house. Hence, you need to clean them while staying outside.

Most dirt and manure are accumulated on the floor. Functional coops have a removable tray you can take out from the front or back area.

It gives you immense flexibility to finish off the cleaning session within a few minutes.

Plus, they contain easy-to-open and closed nesting boxes. Therefore, cleaning the coop walls is effortless.

 They generally have several access areas to make the cleaning job more manageable.

High-Quality Locks

You don’t want predators to disturb your chickens at night, right?

Make sure your chicken coop has high-quality locks and hinges.

They must have a solid construction. Plus, a simple pecking should not open the locking system. Multiple locking is a better option.

You can install weather-resistant padlocks if the chicken coop has a weak locking mechanism.

When budget is not an issue for you, a self-locking system is an excellent choice too.

Why Should You Raise Chickens In A Coop?

Your chickens get several benefits for keeping them inside a coop. The followings are common advantages to raising chickens in a small nest.

Better Security

Chicken coops have closed doors and locking systems to keep the flocks safe from predators.

You don’t always have to keep your eyes on your birds.

Nothing can harm them if they are inside the nest house.

Fresh Eggs Collection

This type of housing has a removable divider to allow breeds to lay eggs conveniently.

You don’t have to look at the entire backyard to find out the eggs.

More importantly, it offers fresh eggs, unlike store-bought eggs.

A well-organized System

A chicken house helps you keep everything organized.

You just keep the food, water, and other things in place. And the birds will eat food and drink water whenever they need it. 

It saves time as you don’t need to track their movements continuously.

A Healthy and Non-conflicting Environment

A chicken coop is easy to maintain and clean. You don’t need to spend hours cleaning them.

You can keep aggressive and calm breeds separately. It prevents fighting or bullying issues.

Plus, the flock house allows them to rest whenever they feel tired. They won’t feel disturbed. 

A Better Eco-system  

You don’t need to dispose of chickens’ manure in a dustbin.

Instead, put it directly on your garden soil. It can be an excellent source of macro- and micronutrients.

Your backyard soil will receive a good amount of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can raise around 12 to 15 chickens in a 5×6 coop, depending on their size, lifestyle, and free-range preference.

A 5β€² by 10β€² chicken coop seems enough for raising five flocks if you want to keep them always in a restricted area. But larger spaces are better for creating a healthy and cheerful environment.

Choose a chicken coop that has around 24 to 30 square feet of space for six chickens. Additional run” or outdoor space will allow them to wander freely.

A 5×7 chicken coop can accommodate around 7 to 9 birds depending on their size, lifestyle, and free-range preference.

One or two nesting boxes are enough to accommodate five hens. But sometimes, all of them may lay eggs in a single nest. Make sure the containers have a raised design to offer ample space for taller chickens.

Generally, one rooster is enough for five chickens. But if the hens have a higher demand, or the rooster is not strong enough to handle all breeds, you can keep two roosters for five birds.

If you want to consume fresh eggs regularly, 5 or 6 chickens are enough. Usually, adult hens lay 2-3 eggs in a week. So the supply of eggs will not be disrupted.

It depends on the chicken breed type. Heavier breeds need more space than common breeds. Generally, each chicken needs around 10 sqft of space. So, six birds will require approximately 60 sqft of space.

Final verdict

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article delivered you with the best chicken coop for 5-6 chickens. Choosing the proper chicken coop according to your backyard area is tricky. So, I tried to simplify the pick-up equation for you.

Now, it’s your turn to pick the right one in agreement with your priorities. Eventually, buying the correct chicken coop will make you and your chickens happier than ever.