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No matter how busy we chicken farmers are, regularly cleaning chicken coops is mandatory. It prevents the quick spreading of germs and ensures a better tip-top environment with minimal bacteria. Your flocks are less likely to be infected with various deadly diseases.

But how often should the chicken coop be cleaned? It is necessary to clean food residues and dirty water daily. But you can change the bedding twice or once a week. Don’t forget to clean the entire chicken coop from top to bottom at least twice a year.

Why Should You Clean A Chicken Coop Regularly?

The primary reason to clean a chicken coop is to maintain a healthy environment.

Flocks are more likely to be affected by many contagious diseases than others.

But, a tip-top atmosphere inside the chicken house offers optimal protection.

Getting off the leftover food and water doesn’t attract predators to come home.

Another essential object of regular cleaning is helping the birds sleep peacefully at night.

This will boost their energy level and help them recover from daily stress.

What Factors Determine the Frequency Of Cleaning A Chicken Coop?

Regular, weekly, monthly, and semiannual cleaning is a must.

But, the cleaning duration and chore will be the same for all.

Some may take only a few minutes to complete, while some take more than one hour. 

The following are the key points that will affect the cleaning frequency of a chicken coop.

Coop Size

A chicken coop size plays a crucial role in how often you need to clean it.

Keeping at least 4 square feet of coop space per flock is necessary.

Too large and spacious coop makes the cleaning chore a little hassle.

Number of Chickens

How many chickens do you have in your chicken flock house?

The more birds you have, the more frequently you need to clean them.

Each cleaning session will be longer too. But regular cleaning will save you from long-duration cleaning.

Coop Layout

A chicken coop has a lot of things, such as chicken feeders, waterers, dust baths, nesting boxes, etc.

Keeping each of them in the right place is necessary to reduce the hassle of a dirty environment.

Many homeowners prefer to use advanced items, such as automatic feeders & waterers, and various cleaning equipment.

Though these products are expensive, they can significantly reduce your cleaning time.

Chicken Nature

Some chickens are calm, and some are aggressive.

Friendly breeds usually stay within a short range. But naughty flocks keep making places dirty wherever they go.

Chickens who eat more than regular breed will poop more. That will cost you extra cleaning too. 

How Often Should Chicken Coop Be Cleaned?

You don’t need to clean each item of a chicken coop daily. They are okay as long as they remain fresh.

Some items need daily-based cleaning, some weekly, and some monthly. Let’s know them in detail.

4 Steps to clean a chicken coop

Daily Tasks

The first substantial job is clearing the food and water left over before they go to sleep.

Wipe the coop floor if there is no bedding. Also, remove food scraps from the surrounding area of the food container.

This will prevent rotten food issues that may lead to odor.  

Make sure to serve fresh foods and water in the early morning.

In addition, collect fresh eggs every day. Avoid keeping it inside the nest boxes. Otherwise, the flocks may damage them.

 Weekly Tasks

If you regularly serve water in a waterer, clean the container thoroughly. Foods may get inside it and prevent your birds from enjoying the entirely fresh water.

The same goes for food containers. If you can’t take out the feeder, do a light cleaning. Keep your flocks busy outside while performing the chores.

Another important weekly job is changing the bedding. Beddings are two types: temporary and deep beddings. 

If you use the non-permanent, change it every week. Don’t forget to clear the floor before adding the new bedding.

But if you use deep litter bedding, add a new layer every 2-3 days. More birds in a confined chicken coop mean more frequent change.

Don’t forget to clean out chicken poops at least once a week. Waiting longer will make them harder that will be time-consuming to remove in the future.

Monthly Tasks

Do a monthly cleaning of the nesting boxes. You can use boiling water to get rid of any parasites.

Alternatively, mix bleaching power and water (1:10). Put it in a spray bottle and disperse the solution in all areas of the nesting boxers.

Don’t forget to change the nesting box material.

Clean the roosting bars and other areas where birds regularly sit. Their droppings might already become hard. 

You can use the above-mentioned solution to precisely remove their manure from different spots.

Semiannual Tasks

Apart from regular cleaning, you want to perform a deep cleaning of your chicken coop.

Some areas of the flock house might be inaccessible to clean.

In such a case, disassemble the coop and clean it from top to bottom. Make sure you are fully aware of where each part is placed before removing them.

Remove everything from the floor surface if you use a deep litter method.

Use your garden house to wash the entire area of your chicken house deeply.

Let the whole coop dry appropriately before adding everything to its original location.

Serve fresh foods and water, and add a new layer of fresh bedding material.

What Products to Use to Clean a Chicken Coop? 

Avoid using harsh chemical-based products to clean chicken coops.

Some experts even prefer not to use any bleach. But, it is practical to get off mold growth.

Be extra cautious while using bleaching products. They contain a lot of toxic ingredients.

The mixture should be ten portions of water and one portion of bleach.

Don’t forget to use additional water for deep washing. Make the place fully dry before letting flocks enter the chicken coop.

However, natural products are the best choice. You can use vinegar. It is highly effective and less toxic.

Mix the cleaning agent with an equal amount of water. Wash the area thoroughly and let it dry completely.  

Many commercial-based products are available too. But not all of them are safe. Review the ingredient list to confirm they don’t contain harsh chemicals.

Wrapping Up

Regular cleaning is a must regardless of how small or big your chicken coop is. Keeping your flocks healthy and happy requires maintaining a cleaner environment.

After all, a dirty environment attracts a lot of diseases. More importantly, your birds will not feel peaceful eating and drinking.

Hopefully, you got the correct answer regarding the question, “How often should the chicken coop be cleaned?” Take care of your friends and enjoy their company!

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