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The Dominique chicken breed is a popular dual-purpose breed known for its hardiness and ability to lay eggs consistently. The Dominique chicken breed is a hardy and reliable dual-purpose breed that is well-loved for its prolific egg-laying abilities.

This breed is considered to be one of the oldest in the United States, with a history dating back to the colonial era. Its distinctive black and white barred plumage gives it a unique appearance and helps it blend in with its surroundings.

Dominiques are known for their docile and friendly nature, making them suitable for both backyard flocks and small farms. In addition to their excellent egg production, Dominiques also have a decent meat quality, making them a popular choice for those seeking a versatile and productive chicken breed.


The Dominique chicken breed is a historical and renowned breed that is known for its hardiness, versatility, and attractive plumage. With a rich history dating back to colonial America, the Dominique chicken continues to captivate poultry enthusiasts with its unique characteristics and heritage.

Dominique chickens have a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century in France. This breed is known for its distinctive black-and-white striped plumage, making it easily recognizable among other chicken breeds. The Dominique chicken breed has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite among poultry enthusiasts.

In this section, we will explore the history, characteristics, and popularity of the Dominique chicken breed.

Popularity And Significance

  • The Dominique chicken breed is one of the oldest in the United States, with a significant role in the country’s early agricultural history.
  • It was widely raised by American settlers due to its hardiness and ability to thrive in free-range conditions.
  • Dominiques were once known as “Plymouth Rock” chickens, and the breed played a pivotal role in the development of other popular chicken breeds, such as the Barred Plymouth Rock.
  • Despite a decline in popularity during the mid-20th century, the Dominique breed experienced a resurgence in recent years as more people became interested in sustainable and heritage poultry breeds.
  • The Livestock Conservancy has listed Dominiques as a “recovering” breed, emphasizing its significance in preserving genetic diversity within the chicken population.

The Dominique chicken breed boasts a remarkable history and a range of desirable characteristics. From its distinct black and white striped plumage to its hardy nature and excellent egg-laying capabilities, the Dominique has carved a place for itself in the hearts of poultry enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking to add a friendly and productive breed to your backyard flock or are interested in preserving heritage poultry breeds, the Dominique chicken is undoubtedly worth considering. Its endurance through time is a testament to its value and importance in the world of chickens.

Dominique Chicken
gunthercox, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

General Characteristics

Dominique chickens are a heritage breed that has been around for centuries. With their unique appearance and friendly temperament, they have become a popular choice for backyard chicken enthusiasts. In this section, we will explore the general characteristics of the Dominique chicken breed.


  • Medium-sized chickens with an upright posture
  • Compact bodies with well-rounded breasts and full, fluffy tails
  • Black and white striped feathers give them a striking “barred” pattern
  • Reddish rose combs and wattles
  • Yellow legs and feet


  • Known for their docility and friendliness, making them great for families and beginners
  • Curious and active chickens that enjoy foraging and exploring their surroundings
  • Can be easily tamed and may even enjoy being held or petted
  • Exhibit strong maternal instincts, making them excellent brooders and mothers


  • Well-adapted to a variety of climates, including cold winters and hot summers
  • Have strong immune systems and are generally resistant to common poultry diseases
  • Good foragers and can fend for themselves in free-range environments
  • Can tolerate confinement if given enough space and stimulation

Egg Production

  • Excellent layers of brown eggs, averaging around 230-275 eggs per year
  • Possess a strong laying ability even in colder weather
  • Begin laying at around 5-6 months of age
  • Generally reliable layers throughout their lifespan

Suitability For Backyard Settings

  • Dominiques are a versatile breed that can adapt well to different sizes of backyards
  • Do well in both urban and rural environments
  • Can tolerate being confined if given adequate space, but thrive in free-range settings
  • Their quiet nature and non-destructive behavior make them suitable for suburban areas

Dominique chickens are a delightful breed with a charming appearance and gentle disposition. They possess a unique striped plumage and are known for their friendly nature, making them suitable for families and beginners. With their versatility, hardiness, and excellent egg-laying ability, Dominiques have earned their place in backyard chicken coops across the country.


The Dominique chicken breed is known for its friendly temperament, making it a great choice for backyard flocks. These chickens are calm and easy to handle, making them suitable for families and beginners in poultry keeping. With their sociable nature, Dominiques can be a delightful addition to any home or farm.

The Dominique chicken breed is a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers and poultry enthusiasts. Known for their hardiness and versatility, Dominiques are an excellent addition to any flock. We will delve into the temperament of Dominique chickens, exploring their characteristics and personality traits.

Friendly And Docile

  • Dominique chickens are known for their friendly and docile nature, making them a favorite among chicken owners.
  • They are generally calm and enjoy human interaction, making them easy to handle and care for.

Curious And Active

  • Dominiques are curious by nature and enjoy exploring their surroundings.
  • They have an active demeanor and will eagerly scratch the ground for food and play with their flock mates.

Independent Foragers

  • These chickens excel at foraging and are quite independent when it comes to finding their own food.
  • They are natural hunters, adept at catching insects and small rodents while free-ranging in the yard.

Social With Flock Mates

  • Dominique chickens are social creatures and thrive when kept in a flock.
  • They establish a pecking order within the group but are generally peaceful and get along well with other chicken breeds.

Motherly Instincts

  • Dominiques are known for their strong maternal instincts, making them excellent broody hens.
  • They will diligently sit on a clutch of eggs and care for their chicks once hatched.

Fearless Protectors

  • Despite their friendly nature, Dominiques have a protective side.
  • They will fearlessly defend themselves, their eggs, and their flock mates against any potential threats or predators.

Dominique chickens have a temperament that is a balanced mix of friendliness, curiosity, and independence. They are social creatures, yet possess a protective instinct that makes them an ideal addition to any backyard flock. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced chicken keeper, Dominiques are sure to bring joy and charm to your chicken-keeping journey.

Comb Types

Dominique chickens are known for their unique comb types, which add to their distinctive appearance. In this section, we will explore the different comb types found in Dominique chickens and how they contribute to their overall charm.

Single Comb

  • Classic single comb, typical for Dominique chickens.
  • Composed of a single row of upright, evenly-spaced points.
  • Helps regulate body temperature and serves as a natural cooling system.
  • Can occasionally flop to one side, but generally maintains an upright position.

Rose Comb

  • Less common than the single comb but still found in some Dominique chickens.
  • Composed of a series of curves resembling the petals of a rose.
  • Provides excellent protection against frostbite due to its compact shape.
  • Considered an intermediate stage between the single comb and the pea comb.

Pea Comb

  • Rarely seen in the Dominique breed.
  • Consists of three distinct sections: A central raised ridge with small, rounded points on either side.
  • Offers excellent frostbite protection thanks to its small size.
  • Provides an appealing aesthetic variation to the traditional single comb.

Dominique chickens possess these distinct comb types, each with its own advantages. Whether it’s the classic single comb, the protection of a rose comb, or the uniqueness of a pea comb, these chickens offer a diverse range of comb types that only add to their allure.


The Dominique chicken breed stands as a remarkable choice for both novice and experienced chicken keepers alike. Its rich history, hardy nature, and dual-purpose capabilities make it an ideal addition to any backyard flock. With their beautiful plumage and friendly disposition, Dominiques bring charm and character to any poultry enthusiast’s life.

Whether you are seeking fresh eggs or a reliable meat source, these chickens excel in both areas. Furthermore, their ability to adapt to various climates and resist common diseases ensures a higher likelihood of success in keeping them healthy and thriving.

As you embark on your chicken-keeping journey, consider the Dominique breed and relish in all the benefits they have to offer. Embrace their exquisite beauty, appreciate their resilience, and enjoy the joy they bring to your backyard each and every day.

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