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The Cornish or Indian Game chicken breed is known for its robust build and excellent meat quality. Originating from Cornwall, England, this breed has a muscular body and strong legs, making it ideal for the meat industry.

However, it also possesses a calm temperament and can be raised as a backyard chicken. Its distinctive appearance includes a broad breast, short legs, and a compact shape. The Cornish or Indian Game is highly valued for its flavorful and tender meat, making it a popular choice among poultry enthusiasts and farmers alike.

Whether you’re looking to rear them for meat production or as a charming addition to your flock, this breed is sure to impress with its unique attributes and rich history.


The Cornish and Indian Game chicken breeds have a rich history in the world of poultry farming. These breeds are known for their excellence in meat production and have been valued for their strong muscular build and flavorful meat for many years.

Whether you’re interested in preserving the heritage of these breeds or simply enjoy raising them, their history and characteristics make them a fascinating choice for chicken enthusiasts.

Origins And Development

  • Originated in Cornwall, England in the early 19th century.
  • Bred by crossing large Asian game fowl with local English fowl.
  • The breed was further developed in the late 1800s when they were crossed with the Malay and Aseel breeds for added size and strength.
  • Received recognition as a distinct breed in 1820 but gained prominence in the late 19th century.

The Cornish, or Indian Game, chicken breed is a fascinating bird with a rich history and distinctive attributes. With its origins in England and a well-developed physique, this breed has gained prominence as both a meat producer and a backyard favorite.

Their calm temperament and strong foraging instincts make them an excellent choice for poultry enthusiasts. Whether you are captivated by their appearance or their meat production capabilities, the Cornish chicken breed is undoubtedly a remarkable addition to any flock.

Indian Game Chicken
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General Characteristics

The Cornish, or Indian Game chicken breed is characterized by its robust size, muscular build, and aggressive nature. Known for its performance in cockfighting, this breed is popular among gamebird enthusiasts. With its distinct appearance and strong physique, the Cornish breed is a favorite among chicken breeders and poultry farmers.

Cornish and Indian Game are two popular breeds of chickens known for their distinct characteristics and qualities. If you’re considering adding these breeds to your flock, it’s important to understand their general characteristics. In this section, we will explore the key features of Cornish and Indian Game chickens.

Physical Appearance

  • Both breeds are large, muscular birds with a solid build and a broad chest.
  • Cornish chickens have short, stocky bodies and wide shoulders.
  • Indian Game chickens have a more elongated body shape and longer legs compared to Cornish chickens.

Feather Colors

  • Cornish chickens can come in a variety of colors including white, dark, and buff.
  • Indian Game chickens are mainly found in black or dark black-red feather colors.


  • Cornish chickens are known for their calm and docile nature, making them relatively easy to handle.
  • Indian Game chickens, on the other hand, tend to be more aggressive and assertive, which can sometimes lead to conflicts within the flock.

Egg Production

  • Cornish chickens are not heavily bred for egg production as they are primarily raised for meat.
  • Indian Game chickens have moderate egg-laying capabilities, with hens producing a respectable number of eggs per year.

Meat Production

  • Both Cornish and Indian Game chickens are highly sought after for their meat qualities.
  • Cornish chickens are well-known for their meat tenderness, juiciness, and flavor, making them popular in the meat industry.
  • Indian Game chickens are also valued for their meat, which is characterized by a distinct gamey flavor and rich texture.

Health And Hardiness

  • Cornish chickens are generally considered to be hardy and can adapt well to various climates.
  • Indian Game chickens are also known for their hardiness, with a robust nature that allows them to withstand harsh conditions.

Considerations For Raising

  • Due to their large size, Cornish chickens require ample space and room to move around comfortably.
  • Indian Game chickens, although they can adapt well to free-range environments, may require additional space to accommodate their more active nature.

Both Cornish and Indian Game chickens have their own unique attributes, whether it’s their appearance, temperament, or meat qualities. Understanding these general characteristics can help you make an informed decision when choosing a breed that aligns with your preferences and needs for your flock.


The Cornish and Indian Game chicken breeds are known for their feisty temperament, making them excellent for cockfighting and providing savory meat. These birds exhibit strong, assertive behaviors that reflect their heritage and breed characteristics.

Bold And Daring

  • These chickens are known for their confident and courageous disposition.
  • Fearlessly taking charge of their surroundings, they exhibit assertiveness in their interactions with other chickens.

Territorial Nature

  • Cornish Or Indian Game chickens tend to establish and defend their territory.
  • They may exhibit protective behavior, especially during breeding or rearing chicks.

Independent And Self-Reliant

  • They have a strong sense of independence and are capable of taking care of themselves.
  • These chickens require minimal attention and are well-suited to free-ranging.

Active And Energetic

  • Cornish, Or Indian Game chickens are highly active birds.
  • They love to explore and forage, making them excellent foragers in outdoor settings.

Docile With Handlers

  • Despite their bold nature, they can be easily handled by humans.
  • With proper socialization from a young age, they can become friendly towards their owners.

Aggression Towards Other Chickens

  • Cornish, Or Indian Game chickens can be quite territorial and sometimes display aggression towards other chickens, especially when establishing pecking orders.
  • It is important to introduce them to other birds gradually and monitor their interactions.

Minimal Noise

  • Compared to some other breeds, Cornish, Or Indian Game chickens are relatively quiet.
  • They tend to make minimal noise, making them suitable for urban areas or close-knit neighborhoods.

Curious And Intelligent

  • These chickens display high levels of curiosity and intelligence.
  • They enjoy mental stimulation and benefit from an enriched environment that challenges their problem-solving skills.


  • Cornish, Or Indian Game chickens are known for their resilience and hardiness.
  • They can adapt well to various climates and withstand harsh conditions.

Excellent Mothers

  • When it comes to brooding and motherhood, Cornish, Or Indian Game hens are exceptional.
  • They demonstrate strong maternal instincts and are diligent in caring for their chicks.

The temperament of the Cornish, Or Indian Game chicken breed is a blend of fearlessness, independence, and curiosity. Their bold and assertive nature, coupled with their intelligence, make them intriguing and captivating birds to observe and raise. Whether free-ranging or interacting with their human owners, these chickens are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Comb Types

Cornish and Indian Game chickens have distinct and unique comb types that set them apart from other breeds. These breeds are known for their attractive and distinct comb structures, which add to their overall charm and beauty.

Cornish and Indian Game chicken breeds are known for their unique comb types, which play a crucial role in their appearance and distinguishing characteristics. Let’s dive into the different types of combs found in these breeds and discover what sets them apart.

Single Comb

  • The most common type of comb found in Cornish and Indian Game chickens is the single comb.
  • It consists of a single, upright row of evenly spaced points or ridges.
  • This comb type is medium to large in size and has a straight, uniform appearance.
  • Single combs are more susceptible to frostbite due to their larger surface area.

Rose Comb

  • The rose comb is another comb type observed in Cornish and Indian Game chickens.
  • It is characterized by a low, solid, and fleshy comb with a smooth, rounded appearance.
  • This type of comb is compact and wide, covering most of the bird’s head.
  • Rose combs are considered advantageous in cold climates as they are less susceptible to frostbite.

Pea Comb

  • The pea comb is also seen in some individuals of these chicken breeds.
  • It is a small-sized comb with multiple rows of small, roundish points.
  • The points on a pea comb appear clustered, resembling a string of peas, hence the name.
  • Pea combs are known to be more resistant to frost and cold weather conditions.

Cushion Comb

  • The cushion comb is less common but can be found in a few Cornish and Indian Game chickens.
  • It is a medium-sized comb characterized by a smooth, broad top that slopes downward towards the back of the bird’s head.
  • Cushion combs are thick and fleshy, providing good protection against cold temperatures.

Buttercup Comb

  • The buttercup comb is a unique comb type seen in some individuals of these breeds.
  • It is small in size and consists of a central spike surrounded by a cup-shaped formation.
  • Buttercup combs are more common in roosters and are considered a desirable trait in show birds.

Walnut Comb

  • Though rare, the walnut comb can occasionally be found in the Cornish and Indian Game breeds.
  • It is a small to medium-sized comb characterized by a smooth, oval shape resembling a walnut.
  • Walnut combs are known for their close-fitting and compact structure.

Cornish and Indian Game chickens exhibit various comb types, each with its own unique appearance and advantages. Whether it’s the single comb, rose comb, pea comb, cushion comb, buttercup comb, or walnut comb, these features contribute to the overall beauty and individuality of these breeds.


The Cornish and Indian Game chicken breeds are renowned for their exceptional qualities that make them highly sought after. These birds are prized for their meat production, making them a popular choice among farmers and consumers alike. With their robust build, the Cornish and Indian Game chickens possess excellent meat-to-bone ratio, resulting in succulent and flavorful meats that are sure to please any palate.

Not only are these breeds known for their meat, but they also exhibit unique characteristics that set them apart. Their calm and friendly nature make them easy to handle and care for, making them suitable for both novice and experienced chicken keepers.

Additionally, their adaptability to various climates and resistance to diseases ensures their longevity and productivity. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional farmer, the Cornish and Indian Game chicken breeds are deserving of your attention. Their remarkable attributes and versatility make them an excellent choice for those looking to raise chickens with premium meat quality and a gentle disposition.

So, why not consider adding these remarkable breeds to your flock and enjoy the benefits they bring?

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