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The Jangmigye chicken breed is a rare and ancient breed known for its unique appearance and exceptional egg production. This breed originates from Korea and is characterized by its small size, large comb, and vibrant colorful plumage.

Jangmigye chickens are highly sought after by poultry enthusiasts for their striking appearance and ability to lay a substantial number of eggs throughout the year. Despite being a rare breed, efforts are being made to preserve and promote the Jangmigye chicken breed worldwide, making it a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers looking for a unique and productive addition to their flock.

Whether for exhibition purposes or as a productive layer, the Jangmigye breed is sure to captivate any poultry lover with its stunning appearance and exceptional performance.


The Jangmigye Chicken breed has a rich history that can be traced back to ancient times. This breed originated in Korea and has been cherished for its unique qualities and characteristics. Here’s a closer look at the fascinating history of the Jangmigye Chicken:

  • Development: The Jangmigye Chicken breed was developed through careful breeding techniques and selection processes. Breeders aimed to create a chicken that was well-suited for various purposes, including meat production and egg laying.
  • Ancient Roots: The Jangmigye Chicken breed has its roots in traditional Korean farming practices. Farmers used selective breeding to develop a chicken that could adapt to the country’s diverse climate and terrain.
  • Royal Favor: During the Joseon Dynasty in Korea, the Jangmigye Chicken breed gained significant popularity and was favored by the royal court. It was considered a delicacy and symbolized wealth and prosperity.
  • Unique Characteristics: One of the defining characteristics of the Jangmigye Chicken breed is its striking appearance. It features a large crest on its head, resembling a crown. The breed’s distinctive plumage and vibrant colors make it a visually stunning chicken.
  • Cultural Significance: The Jangmigye Chicken breed has deep cultural significance in Korea. It is often used in traditional ceremonies and celebrations, symbolizing good fortune and abundance.
  • Preservation Efforts: Over the years, dedicated breeders and enthusiasts have taken measures to preserve the Jangmigye Chicken breed. Their efforts ensure that this unique breed will continue to thrive and remain a part of Korea’s agricultural heritage.

The history of the Jangmigye Chicken breed is a testament to the rich cultural and agricultural traditions of Korea. Its unique qualities and symbolic significance make it a breed worth celebrating and preserving for generations to come.

Jangmigye Chicken

General Characteristics

The Jangmigye chicken breed is known for its impressive general characteristics. With its vibrant plumage and friendly temperament, this breed stands out among others in the chicken world.

The Jangmigye chicken breed is an intriguing variety that captivates poultry enthusiasts with its unique characteristics. This breed is renowned for its exceptional traits that set it apart from other chicken breeds. In this section, we will delve into the general characteristics of the Jangmigye chicken breed and explore what makes it so remarkable.


  • Large and robust body structure with a proud and majestic stance.
  • Plumes of lustrous and vibrant feathers that vary in color, including shades of black, white, and striking combinations of both.
  • Bright and alert eyes that exude intelligence and curiosity.
  • Prominent wattles and a vibrant red comb contribute to its distinctive appearance.

Egg Production:

  • Highly productive layers, often surpassing average egg production rates of other chicken breeds.
  • Large-sized eggs with a rich, creamy yolk that is prized by many discerning egg connoisseurs.
  • Remarkable consistency in egg production throughout the year, makes them a reliable source of fresh eggs.


  • Thrive in a wide range of climates, from hot and humid regions to colder climates.
  • Possess strong immune systems, resulting in a decreased likelihood of falling ill.
  • Adaptable to various environments, making them an excellent choice for both rural and urban settings.

The Jangmigye chicken breed showcases a combination of beauty, temperament, and productivity that makes it highly sought after by poultry enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to raise them for their striking appearance, friendly nature, or bountiful egg production, the Jangmigye breed is sure to exceed your expectations.

So why not consider adding these magnificent birds to your flock and experience the joy they bring firsthand?


The Jangmigye chicken breed is known for its unique temperament, making it a popular choice among chicken enthusiasts. Its friendly and calm nature makes it easy to handle and raise.

The temperament of Jangmigye chickens is one of their most distinguishing characteristics. These chickens have a unique blend of traits that make them a delight to have in any flock.

Here are some noteworthy points about the temperament of Jangmigye chickens:

  • Friendly and docile: Jangmigye chickens are known for their friendly and docile nature. They are gentle and sociable, making them great companions for both humans and other chickens.
  • Confident and curious: These chickens possess a confident demeanor and are always curious about their surroundings. They enjoy exploring their environment and are not easily intimidated.
  • Calm and gentle: Jangmigye chickens have a calm and gentle temperament, which makes them easy to handle and interact with. They do not exhibit aggressive behavior towards humans or other animals.
  • Good with children: Due to their friendly nature, Jangmigye chickens get along well with children. They are patient and tolerate gentle handling, making them ideal pets for families with kids.
  • Non-flighty: Unlike some chicken breeds, Jangmigye chickens are not known for being flighty. They tend to stay grounded and are less likely to fly over fences or escape from their enclosures.
  • Well-suited for backyard environments: Their docile temperament and non-flighty nature make Jangmigye chickens well-suited for backyard environments. They adapt well to confined spaces and are compatible with small coop setups.

Overall, the temperament of Jangmigye chickens makes them an excellent choice for backyard chicken enthusiasts looking for friendly, sociable, and easy-to-handle chickens.

Comb Types

If you’re interested in chicken breeds, you’ve probably come across the Jangmigye chicken breed. With its unique characteristics and intriguing history, this breed has captured the attention of poultry enthusiasts worldwide. In this blog post, we will delve into one of the key features of the Jangmigye chicken breed: comb types.

Different Comb Types

The comb, located on top of a chicken’s head, serves various purposes such as regulating body temperature, attracting potential mates, and enhancing breed identification. The Jangmigye chicken breed showcases a range of comb types, each with its distinct appearance and characteristics.

Let’s explore the different comb types of this fascinating breed:

  • Single comb: This is the most common comb type found in chickens. It consists of a single row of evenly spaced, upright points on top of the head. The single comb of the Jangmigye breed is known for its moderate size and sturdy structure. It adds to the breed’s overall elegance and creates a striking presence.
  • Rose comb: The rose comb is characterized by a flat, fleshy appearance with a series of convex curves. This comb type is larger and wider compared to the single comb, giving the Jangmigye breed a distinctive and regal appearance. The rose comb is touted for its cold tolerance, making it suitable for various climates.
  • Pea comb: Resembling a row of connected peas, the pea comb is compact and low-profile. This unique comb type of the Jangmigye breed enhances its adaptability to cold weather conditions, ensuring that the chickens stay comfortable despite low temperatures.
  • Cushion comb: The cushion comb, as the name suggests, is soft and rounded, similar to a cushion. This comb type is known for its excellent resistance to frostbite, making it highly suitable for colder regions. Its robust structure adds to the breed’s durability, making it an ideal choice for chicken enthusiasts everywhere.

The Jangmigye chicken breed offers a captivating array of comb types, each with its distinctive features and benefits. Whether you prefer the elegance of the single comb or the regal appearance of the rose comb, there is no denying that these comb types contribute to the overall charm and allure of the Jangmigye breed.

So, if you’re considering adding this remarkable breed to your flock, take some time to appreciate and understand their unique comb types. Your chickens will undoubtedly be the talk of the town!


To sum up, the Jangmigye Chicken Breed proves to be a remarkable choice for poultry enthusiasts. Its unique characteristics, such as its striking appearance, docile nature, and high egg production, make it a favorite among chicken farmers. This breed offers both aesthetic pleasure and practical benefits.

With its strong adaptability to various climates and ease of care, the Jangmigye Chicken Breed is suitable for both backyard hobbyists and commercial farms. Additionally, its lean and flavorful meat makes it an ideal choice for culinary purposes. Whether you are an experienced chicken farmer or a beginner, the Jangmigye Chicken Breed is worth considering.

It combines beauty and utility, providing an all-in-one package for those looking to add a distinctive and productive chicken breed to their flock. Make sure to get your Jangmigye chickens and experience the joy of raising these magnificent birds.

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