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The Crèvecœur chicken breed is a heritage breed known for its exceptional beauty and historical significance. Originating in Normandy, France, this breed is characterized by its striking black plumage, compact body, and docile temperament.

It is valued for its hardiness and ability to adapt to various climates, making it a popular choice for backyard chicken enthusiasts. The Crèvecœur chicken breed is not only a picturesque addition to any flock but also a piece of living history that harkens back to the 19th-century French countryside.

Whether you are a chicken enthusiast or simply appreciate the allure of unique poultry breeds, the Crèvecœur is sure to captivate with its distinctive appearance and charming personality.


Crèvecœur chickens have a fascinating history that dates back centuries. These unique and charming birds originated in France and have gained popularity for their distinctive appearance and friendly temperament. In this section, we will delve into the rich history of the Crèvecœur chicken breed, exploring its origins and notable characteristics.

Origins Of The Crèvecœur Chicken Breed

  • Crèvecœur chickens were first developed in the Normandy region of France in the 17th century.
  • They were primarily bred for their meat but later gained popularity as ornamental birds due to their striking appearance.
  • The breed’s name, Crèvecœur, is derived from a small town with the same name in Normandy.

Preservation Efforts

  • As with many heritage chicken breeds, the Crèvecœur population faced a decline over the years due to the rise of industrial farming practices.
  • However, dedicated breeders and enthusiasts have worked tirelessly to preserve this breed’s unique traits and genetic diversity.
  • The American Poultry Association recognized the Crèvecœur breed in 1874, further contributing to its preservation efforts.

The Crèvecœur chicken breed’s history is as rich as its dark plumage. These remarkable birds have come a long way, from their origins in France to achieving recognition by poultry associations. Whether you are captivated by their beauty or desire a friendly addition to your backyard flock, the Crèvecœur breed remains a truly special and cherished breed in the poultry world.

Crèvecœur Chicken
Utilisateur:Blaise.desaintjouin, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

General Characteristics

The Crèvecœur chicken breed is known for its unique appearance and appealing attributes. This French heritage breed has a long and fascinating history, making it a popular choice among chicken enthusiasts. In this section, we will explore the general characteristics of the Crèvecœur chicken breed, including its physical features and temperament.

Physical Features

  • Size: The Crèvecœur chicken is a medium-sized breed, with roosters weighing around 7-8 pounds and hens weighing approximately 6-7 pounds.
  • Plumage: The breed’s most distinguishing feature is its stunning black feathers, which exhibit a greenish sheen in sunlight. This glossy plumage gives the Crèvecœur a regal and elegant appearance.
  • Comb and Wattles: Crèvecœur chickens have unique comb and wattle formations. The breed’s comb is V-shaped and its wattles are small and neat, adding to their distinctive look.
  • Feathered Legs: Unlike many other breeds, the Crèvecœur has feathered legs, which contribute to its overall charm. These feathered leg feathers grow right down to the chicken’s toes.
  • Beak and Eyes: The Crèvecœur’s beak is strong and slightly curved, allowing it to forage efficiently. Their eyes are dark and expressive, giving them an intense and alert expression.

The Crèvecœur chicken breed exhibits unique physical characteristics, such as its glossy black plumage, feathered legs, and distinctive comb and wattle formations. Their docile and friendly temperament, along with their active foraging nature, make them wonderful additions to any flock.

With their ability to withstand colder climates, the Crèvecœur breed is a fantastic choice for chicken enthusiasts looking for a visually striking and personable bird.


The Crèvecœur chicken breed is known for its calm and docile temperament, making it a popular choice among hobby farmers and backyard chicken enthusiasts. With their relaxed demeanor, these chickens are easy to handle and are great for families.

The temperament of the Crèvecœur chicken breed is an important aspect to consider when deciding if this breed is right for you. Here are some key points to understand about the temperament of Crèvecœur chickens:

  • Friendly and docile nature: Crèvecœur chickens are known for their friendly and docile temperament. They generally get along well with humans and other chickens, making them great for backyard flocks.
  • Alert and active: Despite their calm demeanor, Crèvecœur chickens are also alert and active birds. They enjoy foraging and exploring their surroundings, which makes them a delight to watch in the backyard.
  • Gentle with children: If you have children, the Crèvecœur breed is an excellent choice. These chickens have a gentle and patient nature, making them suitable for interactions with kids.
  • Easy to handle: Crèvecœur chickens are generally easy to handle and tame. They tolerate being held and enjoy human interaction, making them ideal for people who want to have a hands-on experience with their chickens.
  • Curious and intelligent: Crèvecœur chickens are curious by nature, always poking their beaks into things and investigating their surroundings. Their intelligence makes them quick learners, which can be helpful when training them or introducing them to new routines.
  • Calm in confinement: While Crèvecœur chickens enjoy free-ranging, they also do well in confinement. They are known for their ability to adapt to different living situations, making them suitable for both urban and rural environments.
  • Good for small spaces: If you have limited space, Crèvecœur chickens can be a great choice. They have a calm disposition and don’t require as much space to thrive as some other breeds, making them a good fit for smaller yards or urban settings.
  • Low maintenance: When it comes to care, Crèvecœur chickens are relatively low-maintenance. They are generally healthy birds that don’t require special attention or specific dietary needs, making them easy to care for even for novice chicken keepers.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced chicken keeper, the friendly and easy-going temperament of Crèvecœur chickens makes them a versatile and delightful addition to any flock. Their calm nature, combined with their inquisitive disposition, ensures that you will have both a visually appealing and personable breed in your backyard.

Comb Types

A defining characteristic of the Crèvecœur chicken breed is its unique comb types. The comb refers to the fleshy crest on top of the chicken’s head, and in the case of Crèvecœur chickens, there are two distinct comb types: the V-shaped or ‘V’ comb and the ‘Butterfly’ comb.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these comb types:

V-Shaped Comb

  • This comb type resembles the letter ‘V’, with a single, upright spike in the middle and two symmetrical branches on either side.
  • It is considered the more traditional and classical comb type for Crèvecœur chickens.
  • The V-shaped comb is relatively small in size, lending an elegant and sleek appearance to the breed.
  • This comb type is common in both males and females of the Crèvecœur breed.

Butterfly Comb

  • As its name suggests, the butterfly comb resembles the shape of a butterfly, with two intricate and delicate lobes.
  • The butterfly comb is slightly more elaborate and ornamental than the V-shaped comb, giving the Crèvecœur chicken a distinctive and regal appearance.
  • This comb type tends to be larger in size and more pronounced in males, adding to their majestic allure.
  • The butterfly comb serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing protection against the cold and acting as a display of vitality and health.

Both comb types contribute to the overall charm and uniqueness of the Crèvecœur chicken breed. Whether it’s the simplicity of the V-shaped comb or the elegance of the butterfly comb, these comb types embody the breed’s individuality and are admired by poultry enthusiasts around the world.


The Crèvecœur chicken breed is a unique and valuable addition to any backyard flock. With its striking black plumage and rich historical background, it is a breed that stands out from the rest. Not only are these chickens visually appealing, but they also boast impressive characteristics that make them ideal for both egg production and meat quality.

Their hardiness and adaptability to various climates make them popular among chicken enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, the Crèvecœur breed’s friendly and docile nature makes them great companions and suitable for families with children. Whether you’re a novice chicken keeper or an experienced breeder, the Crèvecœur breed checks all the boxes.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of history and elegance to your flock, the Crèvecœur chicken breed is undoubtedly a top choice. Start reaping the benefits and enjoy the rewards of raising this extraordinary breed in your backyard today.

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