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Bearded D’Uccle chickens are a small but hardy breed known for their fluffy, bearded faces and feathered legs. These chickens originated in Belgium and are commonly kept as ornamental birds due to their unique appearance and friendly temperament.

With their compact size and lovely feather patterns, Bearded D’Uccles are a popular choice for backyard poultry enthusiasts and exhibition breeders alike. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of charm to your backyard or diversify your poultry flock, Bearded D’Uccles are a fascinating breed worth considering.


The Bearded D’Uccle chicken breed has a rich history and unique characteristics that make it a favorite among poultry enthusiasts. This breed originated in Belgium and was first developed in the early 20th century. Here’s a closer look at the history of the Bearded D’Uccle chicken breed:

  • Origins: The Bearded D’Uccle breed is believed to have been created through the selective breeding of several bantam chicken breeds, including the Belgian d’Uccle Mille Fleur and the Dutch Barbu d’Anvers. The breed’s name, D’Uccle, is derived from the town of Uccle in Belgium.
  • Development: The breed was initially developed for exhibition and ornamental purposes due to its striking appearance. Breeders aimed to create a bantam chicken breed with a distinctive beard and feathered legs, resulting in the unique features of the Bearded D’Uccle.
  • Recognition: The Bearded D’Uccle breed gained recognition in Belgium and Europe for its beauty and gentle nature. It quickly became popular among poultry fanciers and started to be exhibited at poultry shows.
  • International Presence: Over time, the Bearded D’Uccle breed made its way to other countries, including the United States. It gained recognition by the American Poultry Association (APA) in 1914 and later by the British Poultry Standards (BPS) in the United Kingdom.
  • Continued Popularity: Even today, Bearded D’Uccle chickens are highly regarded for their striking plumage and friendly temperament. They are kept as backyard pets, exhibition birds, and in some cases, as productive layers of small eggs.

The Bearded D’Uccle chicken breed’s captivating history and unique characteristics have made it a beloved breed among chicken enthusiasts worldwide. Its origins in Belgium, development through selective breeding, and international recognition showcase the breed’s enduring appeal. Whether kept for its ornamental beauty or its gentle nature, the Bearded D’Uccle remains a favorite choice among chicken keepers seeking a remarkable and friendly addition to their flock.

Bearded D'Uccle Chicken
Just chaos, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

General Characteristics

The Bearded D’Uccle Chicken Breed is known for its tiny size, furry beard, and beautiful feather colors. They are friendly and easy to handle, making them popular among backyard chicken enthusiasts. These chickens make excellent pets and are a great addition to any flock.

The Bearded D’Uccle chicken breed is a charming and delightful addition to any backyard flock. Known for their small size, fluffy feathers, and striking appearance, these chickens are simply captivating. Here are some general characteristics of the Bearded D’Uccle breed:

  • Size: Bearded D’Uccles are classified as bantam chickens, meaning they are smaller than most standard chicken breeds. They typically weigh around 1-2 pounds, making them perfect for those with limited space.
  • Feathering: One of the most distinctive features of this breed is their abundant plumage. Bearded D’Uccles have an impressive beard of feathers that frames their face, giving them a unique and captivating look. They also have feathered feet, which adds to their overall charm.
  • Colors and patterns: These chickens come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. Some common color varieties include Mille Fleur (feathers with a mix of black, white, and reddish-brown), Porcelain (white feathers with black lacing), and Self-Blue (a stunning blue-gray color).
  • Temperament: Bearded D’Uccles are known for their friendly and docile nature. They are great for families with children and can easily be tamed and handled. These chickens also tend to be sociable and enjoy the company of other flock members.
  • Egg production: While Bearded D’Uccles may not be the most prolific layers, they do lay small to medium-sized eggs with a cream or tinted shell. Their eggs are not only cute but also delicious, perfect for those looking for a unique addition to their egg basket.

These general characteristics make the Bearded D’Uccle chicken breed a popular choice among backyard chicken enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to their adorable appearance, their friendly temperament, or their charming feathering, these chickens are sure to make a delightful addition to your flock.


The Bearded d’Uccle chicken breed is known for its delightful personality and amiable temperament. This charming breed originates from Belgium and has become a popular choice among chicken enthusiasts for its friendly and playful nature. Whether you are a seasoned chicken keeper or new to backyard poultry, the Bearded d’Uccle is sure to win your heart with its endearing qualities.

The Bearded d’Uccle chickens exhibit a friendly and sociable temperament, making them a joy to have in any flock. Here are some key characteristics that define their personality:

  • Affectionate and Curious: Bearded d’Uccle chickens enjoy human interaction and love being doted on. They are naturally curious creatures and will often follow their owners around with great interest.
  • Gentle and Docile: These chickens have a gentle disposition, making them a great choice for families with children. They are patient and tolerant, allowing kids to handle them without fear.
  • Playful and Entertaining: Bearded d’Uccle chickens have a playful side that brings joy to any flock. They enjoy exploring their surroundings and can entertain themselves with their amusing antics.
  • Easygoing and Non-Aggressive: Unlike some other chicken breeds, Bearded d’Uccles are generally peaceful and non-aggressive towards both humans and other chickens. They rarely engage in aggressive behavior, making them excellent companions for other poultry breeds.
  • Tolerant of confinement: While they appreciate the freedom to roam, Bearded d’Uccles are also content in smaller spaces. They can adapt well to urban or suburban environments, making them suitable for backyard flocks.
  • Excellent lap chickens: Bearded d’Uccles often enjoy being held and are known for their lap chicken tendencies. They will gladly settle into your lap for a soothing and relaxing cuddle session.
  • Watchful and Alert: Despite their friendly nature, Bearded d’Uccle chickens are quite observant and will keep an eye on their surroundings. They can be good “watchdogs” by alerting you to any potential threats or disturbances in the vicinity.

The Bearded d’Uccle chicken breed’s temperament makes them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced chicken keepers. Their amiable nature, combined with their charming appearance, adds a delightful touch to any backyard flock. Whether you want a friendly companion or a breed that interacts well with children, the Bearded d’Uccle is sure to bring happiness and entertainment to your poultry endeavors.

Comb Types

The Bearded d’Uccle chicken breed is known for its unique and fascinating comb types. These combs not only contribute to their distinct appearance but also serve practical purposes. Here are the different comb types found in Bearded d’Uccle chickens:

Single Comb

  • This is the most common comb type found in chickens, including the Bearded d’Uccle breed.
  • The single comb is a medium-sized, upright comb with a smooth texture.
  • It consists of a row of evenly spaced points, resembling a series of small hills.
  • The single comb provides good heat dissipation and helps regulate the bird’s body temperature.

Rose Comb

  • The rose comb is a unique and attractive comb type found in Bearded d’Uccle chickens.
  • It is characterized by a low, tightly folded comb that covers the bird’s head.
  • The rose comb is broad and flat, with a slightly cushioned appearance.
  • This comb type is well-suited for cold climates, as it provides better protection against frostbite.


  • The V-comb, also known as a buttercup comb, is another variation found in Bearded d’Uccle chickens.
  • It is named after its distinctive shape, which resembles an upward-pointing V.
  • The V-comb is a small to medium-sized comb with multiple serrated points.
  • This comb type is less common but adds a unique flair to the appearance of Bearded d’Uccle chickens.

Pea Comb

  • The pea comb is another comb type that can be seen in Bearded d’Uccle chickens.
  • It is a smaller comb with three distinct sections, resembling three connected peas.
  • This comb type is ideal for cold climates, as it offers good protection against frostbite.
  • Bearded d’Uccle chickens with pea combs often have a compact and rounded appearance.

Walnut Comb

  • The walnut comb is a rare but intriguing comb type found in some Bearded d’Uccle chickens.
  • It is named after its shape, which resembles a walnut with ridges.
  • The walnut comb is compact, low-profile, and covered in small points.
  • This unique comb type adds to the charm and distinctiveness of Bearded d’Uccle chickens.

The various comb types found in Bearded d’Uccle chickens not only contribute to their overall appearance but also serve functional purposes in different climates. Whether you admire the elegance of the single comb or the unique shapes of the rose, V, pea, or walnut combs, the diversity of comb types in this breed is truly captivating.


The Bearded D’Uccle Chicken breed is a fascinating addition to any backyard flock. With their distinctive appearance and docile temperament, they are a joy to have around. These chickens have unique beards and muffs, making them easily recognizable. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also great layers of small, tinted eggs.

Their small size and friendly nature make them a suitable choice for families with children or limited space. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced chicken keeper, the Bearded D’Uccle is an excellent breed to consider. Their manageable size and low maintenance make them ideal for any level of poultry enthusiast.

Additionally, their gentle disposition and ability to adapt to various climates make them even more appealing. If you are looking to add some charm and character to your flock, the Bearded D’Uccle Chicken breed is definitely worth considering!

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