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More than 500 “fancy breeds” are available worldwide. Fancy chickens have unique shapes, colors, and eye-catching textured feathers that are unavailable in traditional breeds.

They are available in unusual color variety. Many of them were mostly raised for ornamental purposes. But are you looking for a chicken breed with feathered feet?

Doesn’t it look so cool? These beautiful chickens roam the grounds with an air of grace and splendor. Their secret? Feathered feet transformed each step into a mesmerizing dance.

In this article, I will introduce you to some rare feather-footed chickens whose feet are adorned with tufts of elegance. Let’s dive in without further ado!

Chicken Breed With Feathered Feet

Top 10 Chicken Breeds With Feathered Feet

These plumed performers command attention and take feathered fabulousness to a whole new level!

These elegant creatures can possess a regal allure that will enchant all who keep an eye on them. Let’s learn them one by one!

01. Belgian D’Uccles

This beautiful chicken breed is known as the bearded bantam chicken. It was discovered in central Belgium in the early years of the twentieth century.

They have red/orange eyes starting at the head as well as muffs, beards, and coarsely feathered legs and feet. Their comb is straight, and the wattles are tiny.

You will surely love their mesmerizing Feathers, which have beautifully patterned plumage. They are friendly, kind, calm, chatty, and docile.

Its peaceful, lovable, & docile nature and pet-like personality make it an ideal choice for chicken lovers who love to raise beautiful chooks.

They usually live around five years on average. Their increased plumage protects them from various health issues.

Belgian D’Uccles have an average weight of 22 to 26 ounces. Their egg is smaller than regular eggs. This beautiful chook lays around 100 to 200 small, white, or tinted eggs annually.

Belgian D’Uccles Chicken Breed

02. Booted Bantam

Do you know why there are called Booted Bantam? They have a huge number of feathers on their shanks and feet. This creates a “booted” outlook.

It is mainly a European breed. People often call it Dutch Booted Bantam. They are a rare and older breed. Booted Bantam has an attractively small and dainty body shape with prominent breasts.

This Bantam chicken has a strong, single comb. Their earlobes and wattles are red. But they come in 20 colors. But millefleur is the most common one.

Booted Bantam is a perfect choice if you are looking for a chicken breed for a small environment. Chicken owners don’t need to provide them with large living spaces.

They are gentle and very chilled in nature. These “Super Models” of chickens have pleasant, docile personalities. It is a great option to raise kids as they require minimal monitoring.

Booted Bantam chicken lives around 4 to 8 years on average. But some may have up to 15 years of lifespan with proper care and a balanced diet.

They lay around 120 to 200 white or tinted eggs per year. The females weigh an average of 750 grams, and the males weigh about 850 grams.

03. Brahma

Brahma is an American breed of chicken, which is well known as the “King of All Poultry.” They originated from the Chinese port of Shanghai in the 1850s.

They have a big head with a bit of overhanging brow. This large chicken has full feather patterns on their yellow shanks and toes.

These giant chickens are friendly, calm, gentle, and approachable. You can keep them in confined conditions. They can’t fly very high due to their increased weight.

Brahma chickens are also not flighty or skittish. They won’t fight with other chickens as they are not aggressive. It won’t be a problem keeping them with other breeds.

The average lifespan of Brahma chickens is 5 to 8 years. Female chickens weigh around 10 pounds on average, whereas male weighs about 12 pounds.

These highly hardy chickens lay around 150 to 200 large, medium-brown eggs annually. Their large brown eggs have 55–60 grams of weight.

04. Cochin

Are you looking for a giant domestic chicken breed? Cochin is a perfect option. They originated from China. In the 1840s, people started raising them in Europe and North America.

Cochin chickens have heavy and full feathers, a stock body, and a soft tail. Their snowball-like appearance will grab your appearance at first sight.

This “oriental” breed has a calm, docile, and gentle personality. Their friendly nature makes them a perfect choice for raising domestic chickens. You can even grow them in gardens.

They have an overly protective maternal attitude to protect their baby chicks. Besides, Cochins will safeguard baby chicks from other breeds.

The average lifespan of Cochin is 8 to 10 years. But, their productive life continues for 2 to 3 years. Cochins lay around 150 to 180 brown-colored medium to large eggs.

The average weight of male Cochins is around 3.6 kg to 5.9 kg. However female chickens have an average weight of 3.2 kg to 5 kg.

05. Croad Langshan

Some chicken owners might be looking for a strong, intelligent, and active chicken breed. Croad Langshan appears to be a perfect choice for this purpose.

 They originated from the Langshan district of North China. This heavy bird doesn’t fly much. Croad Langshan is well-known for its black feathers.

This old, heavy, soft-feathered chicken breed has a tall, upright stance. They have a “U” shape body structure between the neck and tail when you notice them from a side.

Male Croad Langshan have more plumes in its tail than females. Apart from black colors, they are available in white and blue.

Many chicken owners raise them for ornamental or show purposes. You can keep these intelligent, adaptable, and inquisitive birds with other breeds easily.

The average lifespan of Croad Langshan Chicken is around 5 to 8 years. They lay around 140 to 150 large light brown eggs per year.

The male chickens have an average weight of 9.5 pounds, whereas females weigh around 7.5 pounds. Their eggs weigh approximately 60 grams on average.

 06. Faverolles

This French chicken breed originated in north-central France in the 1860s. They are well-known for their early maturity, hardiness, and gentleness.

Their giant body, fluffy beard, and muffs made them unique and fancy. Many called them a composite breed as it is a combined version of Cochins, Houdans, and Dorkings.

Faverolles are available in seven colors. Female chickens have a salmon brown and creamy white body, whereas male chickens have pale brown-yellow and reddish brown bodies.

This incredibly cold-hardy bird has a docile nature. It is best not to keep them with aggressive and dominant breeds. They may bully Faverolles.

The average lifespan of Faverolle chickens is 5 to 7 years. They lay around 180 to 200 tinted or very light brown, medium-sized eggs yearly.

Hens have an average weight of 6.5 pounds, whereas roosters weigh around 8 pounds. This adorable and overwhelmingly sweet chook can be a perfect choice to raise at home.

07. French Marans

This special breed originated from southwestern France. It was discovered in a place called Marans in France in the late 1800s.

French Marans chickens have a single comb, orange eyes, and lightly feathered feet and shanks. They are available in different colors, such as Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Splash, Wheaton, etc.

They have full feathered feet, unlike English Marans. Their external areas of shank and toes have more feathers. You won’t see any feathers in their middle toes.

French Marans are well known for their docile nature. This peaceful flock won’t chase or peck kids and grown-ups.

They have also an impressive foraging ability to protect themselves and their chicks from predators. Due to their hardiness, you can raise them in both summer and winter conditions.

French Marans have an average lifespan of 6 to 9 years. They lay around 150 to 200 dark brown eggs per year.

Male chickens have an average weight of 3.5 kg to 4 kg. In contrast, female chooks weigh about 2.5 kg to 3 kg on average.

08. Pekin

This chicken breed originated in China in the nineteenth century. They are known as true bantam chickens. The Poultry Club of Great Britain has officially recognized them.

Pekin chooks have a round shape and a short physical structure. But their long tail looks pretty attractive. The average height of this chicken is 20 to 30 cm.

Their whole body is full of feathers from head to feet. That’s why their feet are entirely invisible. People call them comical as their feathers even have feathers.

Pekins are quiet, docile, and gently curious. Chicken keepers can develop a great bond with them. But males might be a bit protective and aggressive to protect their territory and mates.

Pekin chickens live for around 7 to 10 years. They lay 90 to 110 small white or tinted eggs annually. These birds start laying eggs when they are 6 months of age.

Adult female Pekins weigh around 600 grams, whereas males have an average weight of 800 grams.

09. Silkie

How many rare chicken breeds have you seen? Silkie is an unusual chicken breed that originated from either China or Japan in the 13th century.

Their fluffy plumage makes them distinctive from other chickens. Silkie has black skin and bones, as well as blue earlobes. Their plume has a square-like shape.

Silkie chickens have a similar appearance to rabbits or balls of fluff. These birds can be 8 to 14 inches tall.

This beautiful chook is known as calm, friendly, and temperament. You can have a good bond with them. They will follow you wherever you go.

These sweet, docile little darlings love to sit on their chicken owner’s lap. They won’t mind getting cuddled too.

This cuddly, fluffy, and tolerant chicken breed can protect younger chickens from predators.

The average lifespan of Silkie chickens is 7 to 9 years. Male Silkies weigh around 4 pounds, whereas females have an average weight of 3 pounds.

They lay around 100 to 120 small or medium-sized, white or clear eggs. A single egg weighs around 30 grams to 45 grams.

10. Sultan

When it comes to ornamental chickens, Sultan chickens are a top choice. They originated from Turkey. People often call them Serai Taook.

Sultan chickens are well-known for their long, flowing feathers. These snow-white birds have white feathers in all areas.

You will love their froofy cascade of feathers on the upper section of its head. Their neck is heavily plumage. It is not hard to see why they were the top favorite of Turkish Royalty.

Sultan chickens are friendly, docile, and calm birds. If you want to raise chickens for the first time, this low-maintenance breed is a perfect choice.

The average lifespan of this chicken breed is 5 to 8 years. Male chickens have an average weight of 6 pounds, while males have 4 pounds.

Sultan hens lay around 50 to 100 eggs, small- or medium-sized rich white color eggs annually. You can raise them in a confined location while providing enough cool water and shade.

Summing UP

Sky has a limit, but people’s fanciness doesn’t. Humans always prey their eyes on rare beautiful things and love to own them. And chicken keepers are no different.

I have already discussed some rare and dazzling chicken breeds that are popular worldwide. If you are a unique chicken collector, you will surely love them.

If you have an uncommon chicken breed with feathered feet, let me know about its appearance, personality, lifestyle, size, weight, etc. I will be happy to learn about them!

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