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The Scots Dumpy Chicken Breed is a short-legged, rounded chicken breed that originated in Scotland. It is known for its unique appearance and friendly temperament.

The Scots Dumpy Chicken Breed is a distinctive variety of chicken with short legs and a rounded body. It is believed to have originated in Scotland and is characterized by its friendly and docile nature. This breed is recognized for its unusual appearance, making it a popular choice for chicken enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Despite its short stature, the Scots Dumpy Chicken is known for being an active and capable forager. It is also a good layer of brown eggs and requires proper care and attention to ensure its well-being. We will explore the history, characteristics, and care requirements of the Scots Dumpy Chicken Breed.


The Scots Dumpy Chicken breed has a rich history, known for its unique short-legged appearance and its dual-purpose nature as a meat and egg-laying bird. Developed in Scotland, this breed has become a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers due to its friendly temperament and distinct heritage.

The Scots Dumpy chicken breed has a fascinating history and unique characteristics that set it apart from other chicken breeds. Originating in Scotland, this breed is known for its distinctive physical features and historical significance. In this section, we will delve into the history of the Scots Dumpy breed, exploring its origins and how it has evolved over time.

Origins And Development

  • Scots Dumpy chickens have a long and storied history, with their exact origins dating back centuries in Scotland.
  • These chickens were first mentioned in historical records as early as the 16th century, making them one of the oldest known chicken breeds.
  • The breed was specifically developed in Scotland to suit the rugged and harsh weather conditions of the region.
  • The primary goal behind the development of the Scots Dumpy was to create a breed of chicken that possessed both hardiness and adaptability.

Decline And Preservation

  • Like many heritage chicken breeds, the Scots Dumpy faced a decline in popularity in the face of more commercial and productive breeds.
  • However, various breed enthusiasts and preservationists recognized the historical significance and unique traits of the Scots Dumpy chickens.
  • Dedicated efforts were made to preserve the breed, leading to its recognition as a rare breed by various poultry organizations.
  • Today, individuals and breeders continue to work towards the conservation and promotion of the Scots Dumpy breed, ensuring its continued existence for generations to come.

The Scots Dumpy chicken breed’s intriguing history and distinctive characteristics make it a captivating subject for poultry enthusiasts and historians alike. Its origins in Scotland, unique physical features, adaptability, and ongoing preservation efforts all contribute to its enduring legacy in the world of chickens.

Scots Dumpy Chicken
Fernando Losada Rodríguez, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

General Characteristics

If you’re searching for a unique and fascinating chicken breed to add to your flock, look no further than the Scots Dumpy. This breed is known for its distinct appearance and interesting history. In this section, we will explore the general characteristics of the Scots Dumpy breed and what sets it apart from other chicken breeds.


  • Compact and stocky build, with a low-slung body
  • Short, stout legs that contribute to its unique waddle
  • Plumage ranges from a variety of colors, including black, white, and cuckoo
  • Feathers are dense and may appear fluffy
  • Small wings that are often carried close to the body
  • Single comb, medium-sized wattles, and earlobes

Egg Production

  • Scots Dumpies are not known for their exceptional egg-laying abilities
  • On average, hens will lay approximately three to four small cream-colored eggs per week
  • They can go broody and are known to be good mothers
  • Eggs are smaller in size compared to other breeds

Lifespan And Health

  • Scots Dumpy chickens have a relatively long lifespan, often living up to 8-10 years
  • They are generally hardy and resilient, requiring minimal health maintenance
  • However, they may be more prone to weight gain due to their compact build, so monitor their diet and exercise

Popularity And Availability

  • Scots Dumpies are considered a rare breed
  • Availability of these chickens can be limited, so it may take some effort to find reputable breeders or hatcheries

The Scots Dumpy chicken breed is a unique and visually interesting addition to any flock. With their compact build, friendly temperament, and decent egg production, they can make excellent pets or additions to a small-scale poultry operation. Keep in mind their rarity and potential difficulty in finding them, but if you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity, the Scots Dumpy is definitely worth considering.


The temperament of the Scots Dumpy chicken breed is a notable characteristic that sets it apart from other breeds. Known for their calm and gentle nature, Scots Dumpy chickens are a pleasure to have in the backyard. Below are some key aspects that define their temperament:

  • Affectionate: Scots Dumpy chickens are known to bond with their owners, often displaying affectionate behavior towards them.
  • Docile: This breed is incredibly docile and easygoing, making them suitable for families with young children or individuals looking for a chicken with a calm demeanor.
  • Curious: Scots Dumpy chickens have a natural curiosity and enjoy exploring their surroundings. They are not easily frightened and will investigate new objects or changes in their environment.
  • Friendly: These chickens have a friendly disposition and often integrate well with other members of the flock. They are less likely to engage in aggressive behavior, making them great companions for other chicken breeds.
  • Tolerant: Scots Dumpy chickens are known for their tolerant nature, which means they are less likely to be bothered by excessive noise or activity in their surroundings.

The easy-going temperament of Scots Dumpy chickens makes them a popular choice for backyard chicken enthusiasts looking for a breed that is both calm and friendly. Their friendly and tolerant nature allows them to easily adapt to different environments, making them a wonderful addition to any flock.

Overall, Scots Dumpy chickens are a joy to be around due to their affectionate, docile, curious, friendly, and tolerant nature. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced chicken keeper, their temperament makes them an excellent choice for any backyard flock.

Comb Types

The Scots Dumpy chicken breed is known for its unique comb types, which can vary from single, to rose, to pea combs. These comb variations contribute to the breed’s distinct appearance and charm.

The Scots Dumpy chicken breed is a unique and fascinating breed known for its distinctive physical characteristics. One of the notable features of this breed is its comb types. In this section, we will delve into the various comb types found in Scots Dumpies and explore their significance in distinguishing this breed.

Single Comb

  • The single comb is the most common comb type among chickens, including the Scots Dumpy.
  • It is characterized by a single row of evenly spaced, upright spikes.
  • This comb type is well-suited for all climates and offers good protection against cold weather.

Rose Comb

  • The rose comb is another comb type seen in the Scots Dumpy breed.
  • It is characterized by a low, solid comb with a gently curved shape.
  • This comb type is particularly advantageous in colder climates, as it helps prevent frostbite due to its reduced size and shape.

V-Shaped Comb

  • Scots Dumpies may also exhibit a V-shaped comb.
  • This comb type features a split comb that forms a V-shape on top of the head.
  • The unique V-shaped comb adds to the appeal of this breed, giving it a distinctive look.

Pea Comb

  • Lastly, Scots Dumpies can sometimes have a pea comb.
  • The pea comb is a small, compact comb that resembles multiple small knobs.
  • This comb type is well-suited for hot climates and offers good heat dissipation.

The comb types of the Scots Dumpy chicken breed play an important role in the overall appearance and functionality of these birds. Whether it’s the single comb, rose comb, V-shaped comb, or pea comb, each comb type has its own advantages and characteristics that contribute to the breed’s unique charm.


The Scots Dumpy chicken breed is a unique and fascinating addition to any backyard flock. With their distinctive short and chunky stature, they are sure to catch the eye and spark curiosity. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also have a rich history dating back to the 17th century in Scotland.

This breed has proven to be hardy and adaptable, making them suitable for various climates and environments. Their friendly and docile nature makes them a great choice for families and beginners alike. Whether you are interested in showing chickens or simply want a charming and personable addition to your flock, the Scots Dumpy breed is an excellent choice.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the joy and delight of owning these delightful and unique chickens.

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